How to use AI to nail your campaign results

For a successful campaign you need active end-users, but how do you find those interested users who engage with your ad? Let us and AI help you to sell your brand! Our data-expert Emil Larsson will explain to you how we use AI to find your target audience!

Join us for a 20 minute webinar session to understand how we work with AI and how it can optimize your campaign with the best results and the least effort.

  1. Save yourself time and learn about the fantastic results AI can provide to your campaign
  2. Learn how to expand your target audience with interested users
  3. How to use AI to deliver relevant ads to interested individuals

Date: Thursday 08 March
Time: 15.00 CET/ 14.00 GMT

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Generate reactions on mobile; make the format mobile-first

An eye-catching banner is the most important key for a successful mobile campaign. The functionalities of your mobile phone are powerful tools for this. Learn how to use them with our expert from the studio-team!

Join our 20 minute webinar to learn easy tips on how to use your phone’s features, to create a high-impact banner!

  1. Our studio expert Annie Walter will show you our most successful banners
  2. Let us show you how to turn your phones functionalities into a high-impact banner
  3. Get ready to be wowed by the results and possibilities!

Date: Thursday 22 February
Time: 15.00 CET/ 14.00 GMT


The Secrets to Success in Mobile Video Advertising

Video advertising is the fastest growing channel in digital. It accounts for over 35% of all display budgets in 2017. Have you ever wondered how your mobile video strategy can drive revenue and results? Widespace is here to help.

Watch our 20 minute webinar and discover easy-to-execute strategies to build successful mobile video campaigns.

  1. Learn tips and tricks from our mobile video expert Nicolò Palestino, Country Manager for Italy
  2. Discover how to ensure your videos are the perfect length
  3. Get useful insights into why video is the future of advertising and things to keep in mind while creating a video banner

Date: Thursday 8 February
Time: 15.00 CET/ 14.00 GMT

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Summit tips & tricks to turn you into a Programmatic ninja

If you love Summit as much as we do, but you might wonder if there are better ways to build the best mobile campaigns ever. No need to wonder anymore; book onto this session!

Join our 20 minute webinar and discover the latest tips to turn you into a Summit pro:

  1. Learn how to best use targeting options
  2. Discover new options and features
  3. Optimise your campaign in new ways, with endless possibilities

Date: Thursday 25 January
Time: 15.00 CET/ 14.00 GMT

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