Widespace launches Reach Amplifier

Widespace today announced the launch of Reach Amplifier, an algorithm that seeks out ad interest twins from a pre-defined target group across iOS and Android, as well as on mobile web and in app.

Why Summit is Filling a Gap in the Market

Programmatic is increasingly becoming the way advertisers and publishers buy and sell media, with the IAB revealing that programmatic was worth €5.7bn across Europe in 2015. However, few programmatic solutions are native to mobile, and for buyers who value creativity, quality and brand safety there are limited opportunities to buy mobile brand advertising programmatically today.

Widespace Launches Full-Stack Programmatic Ad Platform for Mobile Branding

Widespace, the provider of technology to build brands in a mobile world has today announced the launch of Summit, a full-stack programmatic ad platform and automated guaranteed marketplace designed specifically to deliver branding campaigns on mobile.

Widespace Launches ‘Vertical Streamview’ Auto Play Video Ads

Widespace, the brand mobile advertising technology company, has today launched a new storytelling video format called ‘Vertical Streamview’.

The new MRC Mobile Viewable Ad Impression Guidelines risk pushing the industry to forced viewability

Developing guidelines for mobile viewability is not an easy task. Mobile environments are more heterogeneous than its desktop counterparts, mobile viewability tracking is often inadequate, and there’s a wide range of market interests to be balanced. That being said, the statement that the MRC has made in its recently released mobile viewable ad impression measurement guidelines is worrying.

Widespace Technology – Beyond Targeting

Dropping Stereotypes: How We Go Beyond Targeting

Relevant defined in the dictionary means, “bearing upon or connected with the matter in-hand”. In the world of advertising, relevance means finding out what matters most to people in order to deliver brand messages that are designed to be interesting, engaging and ultimately behavior changing. For many advertisers this is what they are striving for – a true connection between the brand and the person.

Widespace at the top among Sweden’s fastest-growing technology companies

”Widespace has had an incredible business growth the last few years. By continuously focusing on technology development we will be able to remain at the leading edge.” says Patrik Fagerlund, CEO at Widespace.

Widespace Brandview: A Super-Impression

Advertisers are increasingly asking more questions about the impact their ads receive to ensure they are in screen and seen, have the best placements and are brand safe.