Technology is needed to close time/ad spend gap

Mobile is on its way to take over as the main channel for media consumption and social interactions. The solution for both hardly-pressed publishers and advertisers is to choose mobile focused tools…

Widespace launches Reach Amplifier

Widespace today announced the launch of Reach Amplifier, an algorithm that seeks out ad interest twins from a pre-defined target group across iOS and Android, as well as on mobile web and in app.

Widespace Technology – Beyond Targeting

Dropping Stereotypes: How We Go Beyond Targeting

Relevant defined in the dictionary means, “bearing upon or connected with the matter in-hand”. In the world of advertising, relevance means finding out what matters most to people in order to deliver brand messages that are designed to be interesting, engaging and ultimately behavior changing. For many advertisers this is what they are striving for – a true connection between the brand and the person.