Widespace and Adform Advance Mobile Programmatic Through New Partnership

Widespace and Adform join forces to offer clients a powerful new series of opportunities, unique reach and further expand their brand-safe programmatic advertising offerings.

Widespace Wins Netherland’s Best Mobile and Video Advertising Company of 2017

Widespace has been elected the best mobile and video advertising company by marketing publication Emerce Top 100.

Society needs free and open access to credible information

In the fight against fake news, publishers producing genuine content are desperate for more help from the ad industry. The quicker we find ways to finance publishers via mobile advertising the better.

Brand Safety – the new, old promise

The conversation around brand safety is of huge importance at this current moment. It’s clear from reading the news lately that advertisers have felt a breach of trust and demand that we players…

Technology is needed to close time/ad spend gap

Mobile is on its way to take over as the main channel for media consumption and social interactions. The solution for both hardly-pressed publishers and advertisers is to choose mobile focused tools…

5 ways to prevent Mobile Ad Fraud

The close of 2016 saw the largest scale ad fraud operation on record unveiled. White Ops uncovered that Russian group Ad Fraud Komanda were making between $3m and $5m daily…

Widespace continues to guarantee 0% fraud

Leading mobile advertising technology company guarantees quality of traffic through careful vetting of publisher partners, advanced technology, rigorous testing and third party verification.

Widespace launches Reach Amplifier

Widespace today announced the launch of Reach Amplifier, an algorithm that seeks out ad interest twins from a pre-defined target group across iOS and Android, as well as on mobile web and in app.

She is the new CFO at Widespace

Mia Rosén takes over as the new Chief Financial Officer at Widespace. She was recruited last year as the Group’s Head of Accounting and has extensive experience in similar roles including at Hoist Finance and QleanAir Scandinavia.

Widespace Receives Certified Partner Status from Medialets

Widespace, the provider of technology to build brands in a mobile world, today announced that it has received certified status from Medialets, the WPP owned mobile measurement company.