Sellbranch expands their offering with the acquisition of Widespace

Stockholm, July 2018: European Ad sales specialist Sellbranch today announces the strategic partnership with Widespace, the Swedish supplier of an AI driven technology to build brands and reach audiences in a brand safe mobile environment. (more…)

Widespace and Nordic Data Resource team up to offer privacy-by-design model

Stockholm, July 2018: Widespace today announces a partnership with segmenting specialist, Nordic Data Resources (NDR). The two Nordic tech companies are teaming up to offer world-class mobile advertising including; quality formats, inventory and reach, in combination with GDPR compliant data. (more…)

Zeotap partners with Widespace to bring best-in-class targeting data to large brands

Zeotap announced that it has completed its integration with Widespace enabling advertisers to access hard-to-get deterministic data from telecom operators and raw app data from other enterprise level data owners, at scale.

Widespace Releases Summit AdBuilder to Simplify Ad Creation

Widespace today announces the launch of the Summit AdBuilder to complement its full-stack programmatic ad platform and marketplace.

Widespace Partners with Epteca in Exclusive Travel Marketplace Data Deal

Widespace and Epteca have signed an exclusive deal that will enable global travel retail brands to harness big-data and actionable insights not available elsewhere…

How are you preparing for GDPR?

There is little doubt that the advertising industry will feel the impact of GDPR, the regulation will change everything from how data is collected right through to how it is stored.

6 Tips to Create a Killer Mobile Ad

The functionalities of your mobile phone are powerful tools for capturing interest. There is a lot of fun stuff you can do when creating a mobile ad – think first and be creative!

Data, AI and creativity – How to succeed with Mobile Marketing in 2018

Mobile has changed the way we communicate, the way we consume media and the way we purchase goods and services. No other technical device is as intimate as our phone…

Why the Google Browser Ad Blocker isn’t all bad

When Google first announced its plans for a built-in ad blocker for its Chrome Browser, it caused a wave of shock across the industry. Both publishers and advertisers were rightfully worried but…

Widespace Launches Summit Data Marketplace

Widespace today announces the launch of its Summit Data Marketplace, a tool that uses the power of data and segmentation to help advertisers get the most value from their mobile campaigns.