Widespace and Nordic Data Resource team up to offer privacy-by-design model

Stockholm, July 2018: Widespace today announces a partnership with segmenting specialist, Nordic Data Resources (NDR). The two Nordic tech companies are teaming up to offer world-class mobile advertising including; quality formats, inventory and reach, in combination with GDPR compliant data.


By working with NDR, Widespace will be able to make use of neighbourhood targeting and be able to help clients and advertisers target different combinations of life phases and lifestyles that play a major role in consumer’s consumption choices. Widespace will be able to use its quality mobile ad formats along with NDR’s data to create even greater impact for clients targeting specific groups on mobile.

The partnership allows NDR to attach its intelligent neighbourhood classification data on top of Widespace’s world-class publisher base and recommender system. The NDR segmentation model does not use personal data, psychographics, website behaviour or tracking, self-reporting or other panel data, or social media footprint and private data is not shared between NDR and Widespace, therefore making it GDPR compliant.


Filippo Gramigna, VP Sales, Widespace said “Widespace has been in the market for more than 10 years with our own mobile platform offering engaging advertising formats, unique mobile technology within brand safe environments and look forward to working with NDR. Data is a big challenge on mobile and we will only work with data partners that are GDPR compliant. I believe that the combination of the quality that Widespace can offer on mobile with the data provided by NDR, is a valuable combination for clients that want to create high impact within their target groups on mobile”


Ulrik Larsen, Chief Data Officer, Nordic Data Resources said: “We have chosen Widespace as our partner for many reasons, but mainly their use of pseudonymous data and careful elimination of directly identifiable data points. Whatsmore, no private data like cookie IDs, mobile device IDs, IP addresses or latitude and longitude is exchanged between Nordic Data Resources and Widespace.”


Gunnar Kihl, General Manager, Nordic Data Resources Said: “We are thrilled to start this work directly with Widespace. Nordic Data Resources work with +125 agencies across 7 countries and many have requested our safe, reliable and cost-efficient targeting options in Widespace. We look forward to the collaboration and service our clients even better through the Widespace marketing stack.”


About Widespace
Widespace is a technology company creating tools to build brands in a mobile world. Using the power of data and insights, our unique technology drives interest and awareness for advertisers at scale, always in brand safe environments. Headquartered in Sweden, with eight offices throughout Europe, Widespace works with advertisers, publishers and technology companies across the globe.


About NDR
NDR is a leader of advanced insight-driven marketing and location data technology. NDRs mission is to provide brands and advertisers with high reach and high-quality targeting options, without the use of private data.
NDR specializes in segmenting markets through intelligent neighbourhood targeting. They use world-leading data partners like Experian, CallCredit and local data partners like Statistical Central Bureau’s and other local census databases, in order to avoid personal identifiable information.