Zeotap partners with Widespace to bring best-in-class targeting data to large brands

Zeotap, an independent mobile data platform that unites the world’s most valuable data to fuel growth, today announced that it has completed its integration with Widespace, the mobile-first programmatic platform that builds brands in a mobile world, enabling advertisers to access hard-to-get deterministic data from telecom operators and raw app data from other enterprise level data owners, at scale.

Programmatic ad-buying in Europe is set to soar in 2018 according to a recent iotec research, which concludes that over 60% of marketers plan to increase their ad spend in mobile programmatic over this year. It should not come as surprise then, that choosing the right data for it dominates most advertisers’ agenda. The integration between zeotap and Widespace aims to make high-quality data widely available across Europe to deliver targeted mobile campaigns, and help advertisers achieve their goals.

In an effort to prove its commitment to quality above all, zeotap has also introduced rigid data quality tests to ensure a homogeneously high quality amongst all of its data partners, even when volumes increase. Zeotap then, only selects the best data from a pool of potential partners, which is done by testing all data samples before closing a contract with a whole data set and ensuring ongoing quality with weekly audits. As a result, zeotap has been able to achieve up to 6x better OTRs (On-Target Reach) across all 5 top European markets: the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Widespace, which offers a mobile-first programmatic technology combined with highly effective ad formats and machine learning capabilities, drives interest and awareness for advertisers at scale while helping them build their brands on mobile. As of today, Zeotap’s mobile data complements Widespace’s current offering with precision at scale.

The addition of Widespace into our expanding list of DSP integrations is the result of our continuous work to make our data available in as many platforms as possible.Widespace’s strength on mobile together with its focus on brand building and awareness across their European clients brings us closer to that objective.” says Daniel Heer, CEO & Founder of zeotap.

Christophe Joyau, Chief Operating Officer at Widespace, adds, “Being able to count on zeotap’s deterministic data opens vast opportunities for our clients to improve their mobile campaign results. We’re committed to helping our customers provide marketing that engages, and thanks to zeotap and its high on-target reach advertisers will be able to get even more granular and target mobile devices with a much higher certainty.

As of April 2018, zeotap has united over 130MM ID-verified socio-demographic and over 250MM high-quality in-app usage data profiles across its 5 European markets to help ensure that campaigns not only exceed audience targeting goals, but at the volumes needed to deliver large branded campaigns.