Widespace Partners with Epteca in Exclusive Travel Marketplace Data Deal

Widespace and Epteca have signed an exclusive deal that will enable global travel retail brands to harness big-data and actionable insights not available elsewhere to truly personalise advertising and make it contextually relevant for travelers.

Widespace, the mobile programmatic platform powered by machine learning, today announces an exclusive deal with travel marketplace ecosystem Epteca. This unique offering builds on big data and actionable insights into travel customers that are not available elsewhere, enabling brands and marketers to tailor highly relevant and effective and truly personalised messages to this target audience.

Travellers are a core audience for marketers in the travel retail and ancillary services space. This massive €280 billion market is growing 12.5% each year, with 8 out of 10 travelers saying they would buy curated branded retail offers and services through their travel supplier if presented at the right time and in the right context.

Through this partnership Widespace customers will be able to serve more than 37 million travelers one-to-one with their highly relevant offers. Using big data and predictive algorithms that match context and intent, Epteca can accurately anticipate not only what customers require, but also what they are likely to want, need or do during their trip.

The exclusive first-party data will therefore enable brands in travel retail and services to serve  this audience with relevant and highly personalised messaging throughout the whole customer journey, from the day the trip is booked until the day the trip ends. The unique solution gives marketers the opportunity to tailor advertising based on 20 key parameters including the stage in the journey and even device type with more than 95% matching accuracy.

As a result, the CTR of campaigns delivered through Epteca is 10x higher than industry benchmarks, with engagement rates of 80% and above. The platform also ensures high standards of quality with 100% guarantees of no bots, no fraud and no ad blockers, ensuring brands to only pay for viewable ads.

Filippo Gramigna, VP Sales, Widespace said: “Epteca has  a fantastic and really unique   product that offers an unmatched performance within the travel retail and services sector, with this partnership set to give our customers targeted access to a highly lucrative audience. Furthermore, Epteca’s commitment to high-quality, brand-safe and relevant ad placements is perfectly aligned with Widespace’s positioning and product offering.”

Bojan Jokic, CEO, Epteca, said:. “At Epteca, we know travel and that each traveler has unique needs and wants. We are confident that our ecosystem platform will benefit Widespace’s customer base and achieve unrivalled results when it comes to presenting their travel retail and service offerings to highly relevant travel audience. Through working with over 70 of the leading  travel companies in the world we are able to offer Widespace a solution that no one else has in the market. For Epteca, this is another step towards our mission of saving the world from irrelevant content.”