Data, AI and creativity – How to succeed with Mobile Marketing in 2018

By Josefine Vinberg, Head of Product, Widespace


Mobile has changed the way we communicate, the way we consume media and the way we purchase goods and services. No other technical device is as intimate as our phone, and no other device is used as frequently and for so many different purposes.

When mobile advertising is done right, it’s a fantastic means of marketing and communication. There are however, certain pitfalls to avoid. So, from our 10 plus years in mobile advertising, what learnings can we share around successful mobile advertising?


  • Don’t think of mobile as a second screen
    Our phones are always with us, and we use them for everything. From communicating with friends and family, to consuming media, to researching products and to making purchases, our phones are much more personal than other marketing channels.


  • Movement attracts attention
    When studying different formats and the effect they bring, we see that when adding an interactive element to the banner, ad-recall increases. A swipe-ad has a 28% higher ad-recall rate than a static banner. This is not that strange; interacting and engaging with something means we’re more likely to remember it. So by adding interactive elements and movement to your ads you’re not only inviting users to interact with your brand, it also makes  them remember your message.


  • Be creative – make use of the phone’s built-in features
    Touch, gyro, scratch, 360; you name it, the opportunities for creativity in mobile advertising are endless. When done well, a creative ad solution can strengthen your ad’s message and brand.


  • Adapt your videos to mobile
    Mobile video is eating the world, but don’t make the mistake of running the same ads as you do on tv – the key to a successful mobile video campaign is to adapt it to a user’s behaviour:- Our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, and you have a about three seconds to capture a user’s attention before he or she scrolls away (55% only watches 3-5 seconds). So capture their attention instantly!
    – Keep it short and to the point – consumers are busy and want to move on. The time they spend on your ad is borrowed time from the media they actually want to consume, so treat it preciously. A 15 second video has more than two times higher view-through rate than a 16-30 second video, and 15 seconds is more than enough to tell a story. If view-through-rate is your main KPI, challenge whoever who produces the video and go for a 5 second video slot instead.
    – Only 1-4% of all video ads are played with sound, so use subtitles if dialogue, and strong imagery that speaks for itself.


  • Use AI and machine learning to increase ad relevance
    Think twice before applying traditional targeting to a campaign – trust the machines to do the work for you. Sometimes targeting can help you achieve better results, but the machines are often better than we are at identifying who will be interested in a message.


Lastly, work with a tech partner that knows mobile and that has a solution that’s built mobile first. Most DSPs and other platforms were built for desktop, and few of them have what it takes to meet the needs of a mobile first marketing strategy. Now you’re ready to succeed with Mobile Marketing!