Widespace launches Objective Selector to enable users to optimise campaigns based on KPIs

10 January 2018: Widespace, the mobile programmatic platform powered by machine learning, today announces the launch of its Objective Selector as part of its Summit Platform.

The Objective Selector is powered by Widespace’s Recommender System, which is built using machine learning in order to match the best, most relevant ads with the correct audience based on mobile data. Widespace’s Objective Selector is designed to build on this and give advertisers more control by allowing them to choose the Recommender System campaign objective that is most suitable to their use case.

The Objective options supported in Summit are as follows:

      • Engagement: maximising the number of ad interactions
      • Viewability: maximising the number of IAB viewable impressions (50%, 1 second)
      • Clicks: maximising on clicks to drive CTR to a landing page

In terms of early results, the Engagement KPI has been the default setting for the Recommender System to date and results have been positive, showing an interaction rate uplift of approximately 40% globally, compared to when the Recommender System is turned off.

During initial testing, the Viewability KPI has shown that average campaign viewability rates increased by 4% or more, resulting in thousands of more impressions in screen and not below the fold when running campaigns.

Christophe Joyau, Chief Operating Officer at Widespace, commented:“Machine learning is increasingly playing more of a role in how we optimise campaigns, it’s simply more effective than using human ingenuity. The Recommender System was built based on the fact that demographics aren’t always the best way to target an audience and in many cases, targeting by only demographics can result in missing out on a large audience. By targeting through interest, advertisers can then ensure their campaign is targeted more effectively. Now, through using machine learning these campaigns can also be optimised to ensure that the KPI – whether that be viewability, engagement or clicks – is then reached.”