How to create a killer video campaign

It’s no secret that video advertising is booming. So here are a few tips to make the most of your video campaigns in Summit.


Perfect dimensions for mobile screens.

Proper display of your ad in the content is key for user experience. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the right format, to ensure the video looks better in-screen, with less dark bands or cropped areas. For example1:1 or 4:3 videos will fit perfectly in our Takeover format, while 16:9 is a good fit for Panorama XL. For every possible mobile video dimension, we have an easy to use Summit ad-template, so you can be sure you have the correct dimensions. Consult your Customer Success Manager for more recommendations, if you aren’t sure.

It’s all about completion rates!

If your main KPI is completion rate, then you should use a shorter video. On mobile, view-through rates tend to drop when the video is longer than 15 seconds. Also, adjusting your frequency capping on-lifetime will help to avoid exposing users that have already seen the full video and whom would not likely watch it several times.

Consider video format & file weight.

The lighter the video, the faster it will load to play. As a result, you will get better completion rate on slower connections as well as that viewers won’t have to worry about extensive surf data usage. Smaller screens require smaller videos and some devices are not compatible with all formats. A small .mp4 and web optimised video will give you the guarantee to deliver properly.

Click-to-play or Autoplay?

Autoplay is clearly the most popular option, and gives better completion rates, but there are some downsides to autoplay. The main thing being a lower interaction rate! This is because users don’t have to click-to-play and only passively watch the video, they are then less likely to interact at all. For these autoplay campaigns you should switch your attention from CTR to video views and completed plays in your reporting. While click-to-play you can focus on CTR as a good metric since the user has to click to activate the video.

Subtitles on Streamview videos:

Always keeping the user experience at heart, our Streamview format initiates without sound in order to be non-intrusive and yet still engaging. Sound will turn ON only once the video is opened in full screen. Adding subtitles to your video is a very good way to catch people’s attention while the video is in the content and still get your message through. This will also help facilitate better completion rate.

You need to run VAST/VPAID formats?

No problem! Depending on your market, VAST and VPAID compliant formats are becoming increasingly important. These are now available as a self-service in Summit’s AdBuilder. We can already help you today with the set-up of these video formats. Contact us for more info and help on this.


By Robert de Speville, CM, Widespace