Widespace Selects eXelate as a Data Partner for Extended Reach of Mobile Campaigns

Widespace partners with eXelate to add audience segments and extend reach for targeted campaigns

Stockholm, 1 June 2017: eXelate, a Nielsen company, has announced a co-operation with the mobile brand technology company Widespace. eXelate will supply Widespace with data enabling Widespace to offer extended reach for targeted campaigns throughout the UK, France and Italy. The data will complement Widespace’s own data sets by adding additional audience segments.

Widespace will use eXelate’s data sets to further extend reach by applying the recently announced Reach Amplifier technology. This technology enables the targeting of users across the whole mobile ecosystem and not just parts of it – i.e. environments that offer cookie targeting – with smart brand interest profiling of the user based on historical data and previous brand preferences.

“We are thrilled to work with eXelate to help clients improve reach and relevance of their mobile advertising initiatives,” says Paul Carolan, Managing Director for Widespace UK. “In combination with our machine learning technology, we will use eXelate’s data sets to even further extend reach by identifying ad interest twins and make available hard to reach iOS users.”

For eXelate the partnership with Widespace is a great testament to the capabilities of their audience data. As a leading provider of audience data Widespace can achieve unparalleled reach for targeting based on socio demographics and interest segments – even on mobile devices.

The partnership taps in to one of the major trends in the advertising world right now Advertisers today are looking for rich data sets in order to buy audiences – not just impressions. “In order to meet this demand, the market needs to be able to deliver both reach and accuracy on their audience segments to stay relevant,” says Carolan.

The cooperation between eXelate and Widespace will be available for Widespace’s clients in the UK, France and Italy.