La Place Média set to use Widespace’s Summit marketplace to monetise mobile web inventory

La Place Média set to use Widespace’s Summit marketplace to better monetise mobile web inventory. 

Paris, 3 May 2017: Today Widespace, the provider of technology to build brands in a mobile world, has announced a partnership with French publisher co-op La Place Media, to improve the monetisation of the group’s mobile web inventory through the creation of an automated marketplace offering unique premium format and guaranteed access to publisher inventory at fixed rates.

La Place Media is a joint venture from some of France’s biggest media players that looks to grow programmatic revenues together. A co-op model is designed to counter issues of scale in the face of the digital duopoly of Facebook and Google, shoring up the future of the publishing industry in France as a result. Specifically La Place Media looks to address an inability for individual publishers to compete with the scale or data assets of Google and Facebook, and therefore monetise inventory.

The Widespace partnership will focus on monetising mobile web inventory across Android and iOS – with the latter being a cookie-less environment that makes this particularly challenging – as this is where readers are most frequently found, with desktop dropping off and many newsbrands struggling to generate app traffic.

Widespace’s Summit platform launched in November 2016 as a programmatic solution that’s native to mobile, and designed for buyers who value creativity, quality and brand safety. Buyers will be able through the Summit marketplace to secure guaranteed access to premium context from publisher inventory at fixed rates. It also enables the targeting of users across the whole mobile ecosystem and not just parts of it – i.e. environments that offer cookie targeting – with smart brand interest profiling of the user based on historical data and previous brand preferences.

Inventory delivered via Summit also comes with the recently announced Widespace guarantee of zero non-human traffic, which incorporates vetting against both bot-traffic, and ads that are simply unlikely to be viewed by a human.

Christophe Joyau, Chief Operating Officer at Widespace, commented “The mobile environment offers huge opportunities to both brands and publishers, but only if the right technology is used to ensure it doesn’t fall victim to some of the issues that have plagued online advertising as a whole. Ensuring high quality, rich media, mobile-specific ad formats are available across brand-safe site, with a zero-fraud guarantee is a real asset for quality publishers such as those that make up La Place Media. We’re proud to be the tech partner enabling this, and ensuring that France’s publishing market goes from strength to strength by continuing to serve the needs of brands.”

Arthur Millet, Managing Director at La Place Media, continued; “La Place Media is a shining example in the global publishing market of how collaboration can enable traditional players to reach significant enough scale to compete with new media platforms. We decided to partner with Widespace to ensure we’re continuing to provide the quality our brand clients expect. This deal is strategic for us as we look to mobile as the leading source of traffic, and therefore where we want to add value to brands looking to advertise on web mobile in a safe environment, bringing to them an automated platform with premium format in a premium context at scale”.