Brand Safety – the new, old promise

By Filippo Gramigna, VP Partnerships & Platform Sales

The conversation around brand safety is of huge importance at this current moment. It’s clear from reading the news lately that advertisers have felt a breach of trust and demand that we players in the digital industry take measures to restore confidence. Ultimately we have to make a pledge of allegiance: a pledge to place ads in brand safe environments, on known publishers and sites, which are seen by actual real humans.

At Widespace we launched our zero fraud guarantee last fall specifically to address the issue of fraudulent ads. In addition to that we have always promised brand safe environments for all ads delivered. In many ways we were ahead of the time, as brand safety has been always part of our commitment since we started over 10 years ago.

Here are 8 measures we take at Widespace to ensure brand safety on our mobile programmatic platform, Summit:

  1. Direct integration – All integrated publishers are well known and carefully vetted by our local integration teams. This gives us full transparency and control over ad inventory.
  2. Device whitelisting – Traffic that does not identify as being from a mobile device is excluded. As a result, this eliminates desktop traffic and bot traffic.
  3. IP Profiling – IP profiling helps eliminate traffic coming from unlikely sources, e.g. data centers. We use IP Profiling to filter out traffic that originates from countries outside a publishers specific whitelist.
  4. User Profiling – Our ad delivery algorithm down prioritizes requests from suspicious users based on typical network use patterns and identifier life-time.
  5. Viewability – Widespace stands behind a 100% viewable guarantee to our clients. This means we only serve impressions that qualify as viewable, according to international IAB standards.
  6. Direct buying – Full control of the buying process. The Summit Marketplace (recently launched) empowers advertisers to do direct business with publishers, in a safe and premium environment.
  7. 100% fraud free guarantee – As a company we stand behind both our technology and all campaign deliveries, guaranteeing that all the ads you pay for are served to a real human being and not wasted on fraudulent traffic.
  8. Widespace premium grade rating: we have run traffic quality audits using third party fraud detection specialists to assess the quality of validated ad requests. An audit performed in April 2016 rated the Widespace as “Premium Grade Traffic”: the best available quality rating.

Contact us if you want to learn more, we are more than happy to help you.