Widespace launches Reach Amplifier

Widespace launches Reach Amplifier – increases reach in targeted campaigns x 8

Widespace, the mobile specialist, extends the reach of mobile campaigns by identifying ad interest twins from an advertisers primary target. Ad interest twins operate without syncing cookies, addressing a major issue within the industry by broadening the reach on iOS.  

Widespace, the technology company that creates tools to build brands in a mobile world, today announced the launch of Reach Amplifier, an algorithm that seeks out ad interest twins from a pre-defined target group across iOS and Android, as well as on mobile web and in app.

This is in response to cookie data being limited to Android mobile web, therefore restricting the reach of targeted mobile campaigns. Reach Amplifier instead gives brands access to a targeted audience on iOS mobile web and in app – a highly valuable inventory source that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible when using cookie data for targeting. Furthermore, focusing on ad interest and not just demographic twins means brands reach new potential clients that they wouldn’t otherwise.

Reach Amplifier works by using the audience target group, often defined by a brand’s own first party data or 3rd party data from an external DMP, and then identifies users with the same ad interest pattern as the ones in the target group. Using several parameters – such as ad engagement, visited URLs, geo and input from Widespace’s ad impact studies – a ‘recommender score’ is set, which indicates the ad interest likeness of users to the target group.

Initial case studies show that Reach Amplifier extends campaign reach by up to 8X, but also drives a 40% increase in interaction rates, and 8% longer view times than the origin target group.

Reach Amplifier is available via IO deals or Widespace’s programmatic platform, Summit. Mid January Reach Amplifier will be made available when Widespace inventory is bought via other DSPs.

Patrik Fagerlund Widespace CEO  said: “Reach Amplifier is a response to the usage of cookie data for targeting on mobile, which results in a loss of valuable target audiences on both iOS and in app – where we don’t have a working cookie standard. Furthermore demographic targeting only works if you believe that all people within a chosen demographic have the same interests, which is unlikely to be true and so limits the reach of a campaign, and the possibility of communicating with new consumers. As a result, we’ve designed Reach Amplifier to enable brands to continue to enjoy the cost efficiencies of buying targeted audience segments without compromising reach.”