Widespace continues to guarantee 0% fraud

Widespace continues to guarantee 0% fraud on all campaigns across all markets and has not been affected by the recent Methbot issue. You can read more about our 0% fraud guarantee here:

Leading mobile advertising technology company guarantees quality of traffic through careful vetting of publisher partners, advanced technology, rigorous testing and third party verification.

London, October 12 2016 – Henric Ehrenblad, Chairman and Founder of Widespace, a technology company that helps to build brands in a mobile world, has today announced that the company’s mobile ad solution contains 0% non-human traffic. This commitment is made across all Widespace products and across all markets.

Speaking at IAB Engage 2016 today, Ehrenblad tackled the subject of fraud in mobile advertising, and detailed the company’s commitment to delivering quality inventory, stating the following:

“We feel confident that we are offering our clients quality traffic that is both fraud free and viewable, and are open to being audited as we believe our offering can withstand any external scrutiny. Third party verification is being implemented and the initial tests back up our commitment. Couple this with our state of the art viewability solutions, premium placements and formats, and it’s a real assurance for brands – as well as ensuring engagement rates are through the roof.”

The IAB and Ernst & Young estimate that $8.2bn is lost every year in digital advertising due to intentional ad fraud and traffic quality issues – with the former meaning bot net traffic generated by infected servers or consumer devices, and the latter referring to ad placements that while not generated by bots, are simply unlikely to ever be seen by a human viewer.

To combat this Widespace has adopted a three-pronged approach that includes hand-picking premium, trusted publisher partners, an on-boarding process that includes in-depth traffic analysis and filters, as well as third-party traffic audits. An audit performed by an external auditor in April 2016 rated the Widespace network as “Premium Grade Traffic” – the highest possible quality rating.

Further quality control is ensured by the following:

  • Device Whitelisting: Widespace filters out all traffic that doesn’t identify as originating from a mobile device. This eliminates desktop traffic and bot traffic that doesn’t mask the user.
  • IP Filtering: Filtering out bot traffic originating from unlikely sources of mobile traffic e.g. data centres.
  • Historical data: The ad delivery algorithm will down grade ad requests where network usage patterns differ from that shown by historical data, or where the historical data is lacking.
  • Viewability: Widespace’s 100% Viewability filters out non-viewable ad impressions and impression fraud. Ads are also only served in environments where this type of measurement is enabled, with connection-type targeting also ensuring the environment can support the ad format.

Widespace fraud free media guarantee is immediately available trough Summit – Widespace programmatic platform for brands.