Widespace Launches ‘Vertical Streamview’ Auto Play Video Ads

Widespace, the brand mobile advertising technology company, has today launched a new storytelling video format called ‘Vertical Streamview’.

The new ad format combines the interstitial and Widespace’s highly impactful Streamview product, and allows users to watch the video in portrait mode – the way consumers naturally hold a phone – while enabling advertisers to own the screen. Ads are fully integrated into the content and begin to play when the ad is 50% in screen, pausing when it dips below this.

Sound is not automatically triggered and is opt in for the consumer via click to ensure the ad doesn’t disrupt the consumer experience.

The new format is fully supported on both Android and iOS operating systems, utilises Wi-Fi targeting for faster ad delivery and is optimised for the 9:16 vertical aspect ratio, ensuring better user experience.

“Streamview has been an incredibly successful because it’s a pull rather than push format – meaning consumers aren’t forced to watch the ads, instead they play seamlessly in the background, inviting the consumer to interact for a more immersive experience. We’ve seen that these formats have an average dwell time of 6.7 second, which is 43% more than click-to-play”, said Emelie Löfdahl, Business Area Manager at Widespace.

“We wanted to build on this success by optimising the product for portrait, as phones are generally held vertically. This new format is designed to fit seamlessly into the sites consumers visit, and enable brands to tell stories as consumers scroll through, while driving brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent through rich media ad creative.”

Notes to editors: View the advertising format here