Widespace launches first 360-degree format adapted for all mobile environments

Following a pilot campaign Widespace now launches the first 360-degree ad format that works on both App and Mobile Web platforms.


“This is opening the doors to a new and magical 360 world in advertising where possibilities are endless. The format will increase brand engagement and lift awareness by enhancing the consumer experience and leveraging valuable insights into consumer preferences in real-time, says Adrian McDonald, Chief Product Officer at Widespace.

With 360-degree ads users can step into a world with experiences much like that of a video game or virtual reality. The mobile consumer can swipe or use the gyro to watch the video from all different angles, considerably increasing user engagement and view time.

The 360 has so far been restricted to app environments limiting its reach and impact. Late last year the Widespace team solved outstanding technical issues enabling the 360 format to be launched on both App and Mobile Web platforms.

“This format is good news for brands and media houses alike as it offers a whole new level of creativity. The even better news is that although the experience is new and exciting, the production cost for advertisers will not be off the chart”, says Adrian McDonald Chief Product Officer at Widespace.

With an increasing number of production companies adding 360 ready capabilities to their offer, Widespace can supply solutions for high quality conversion for mobile 360 formats.

A first pilot campaign was released for Tjäreborg, Finland’s third largest tour operator and a part of the Thomas Cook Group:

“Campaign results from 360-video have been promising. The Interaction Rate of the 360-cruise video was 157 % better than the average and time spent with the video was 150 % above average“, says Anu Koskinen, Marketing Manager at Tjäreborg.

“During our first pilot project with the format in Finland we observed instances where consumers spent up to 15 minutes with a three minute video. Even if those figures are above average, it demonstrates how the 360 format offers a whole new level of brand engagement”, says Adrian McDonald adding:

“An equally important quality is the valuable contribution to brand metrics offered by the 360 format. By being able to track the mobile consumer’s every move it offers insights in real-time into what is working and what is not. And just around the corner is Virtual Reality which will open a whole plethora of new and exciting possibilities in brand storytelling.”

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