Viewablility Campaigns Result in View Time Uplift of 170% Reveals Widespace

Following the launch of its viewability offering in 2015, Widespace unveils the results from recent campaigns.*

Key insights include:

  • When comparing impressions that qualify as viewable with all impressions in the same campaign, the median view time increases by 170%.
  • Coupled with a high level of relevance, this gives ad recall rates up to 72%, and up to 17 times increase in purchase intent.
  • Viewable ads are in-view for quite some time: 88% of ads that qualify as viewable are inscreen for more than one second and 50% of ads that qualify as viewable are inscreen for more than three seconds**.
  • The average viewable ad has 89% of its pixels inscreen

Last year Widespace launched its first viewability offering, which saw the mobile brand advertising company giving marketers the opportunity to buy viewability campaigns across premium mobile sites and apps, as well as optimise the delivery of these campaigns based on relevancy.

The Widespace viewability offering means that all impressions bought within a campaign are viewable. In order to ascertain the impact of this offering on performance and brand engagement, Widespace has now analysed the results of the first campaigns. View time data was cross-referenced with results from Widespace Brand Impact Studies to analyse the effect on brand KPI’s such as ad recall, ad relevance and purchase intent.

“By analysing the results of our viewability campaigns we revealed that, at a campaign level, a combination of viewability and relevance has the biggest effect on the brand impact of a campaign” said Adrian McDonald, Chief Product Officer at Widespace. “These numbers are also strong proof points – showing that the advertiser gets more quality time with their target group when using our viewability solution.”

“However, by overlaying these results with our brand algorithm, we’ve also confirmed that in order to be truly effective, we can’t simply stop at making sure an ad is seen, we also have to start investigating what is seen, when it’s seen, and by whom” McDonald continued. “Our advice to marketers would be to avoid looking solely for a viewability guarantee, but instead a complete solution that delivers increased time with your target group, higher relevance, recall and purchase intent.”

The Widespace viewability offering is now available to all customers across Europe, providing the most comprehensive combination of guaranteed viewability with the use of real time data and machine learning intelligence.

*View time data from 34 million impressions delivered within viewability campaigns in December 2015 and January 2016
**Widespace considers an ad viewable if at least 50% of the pixels are inscreen for 300ms or longer. Outliers with view times longer than 50 seconds are excluded from the analysis.