Widespace Brandview: A Super-Impression

Widespace today announced the release of Widespace Brandview, the first mobile ad impression that solves major problems facing brand advertisers in mobile.

Advertisers are increasingly asking more questions about the impact their ads receive to ensure they are in screen and seen, have the best placements and are brand safe.

Widespace Brandview solves these problems by delivering 100% viewable ads that are optimised based on relevancy and delivered to truly unique users across premium apps and sites. This means that Widespace Brandview campaigns can give higher reach and deeper impact for mobile advertisers.

Time spent on mobile devices is growing rapidly, and 70% of all media consumption in the next three years is estimated to take place on mobile devices. In order for ad spend to follow, the industry needs new solutions that provide brand safety, and increases relevancy and viewability. To implement this change Widespace is launching Widespace Brandview. These super-impressions are designed to drive brand metrics and allow for advertisers to only pay for actual views in a brand safe environment.

”Viewability is a hot topic, but we must remember that it’s not the holy grail for creating brand engagement. We’re convinced it’s a synergy effect of viewability and relevancy that really drives brand metrics. Widespace Brandview is a step forward, changing the way mobile media is measured and transacted”, says Patrik Fagerlund, CEO at Widespace.

Widespace Brandview is the result of extensive research, where the Widespace Data and Analytics team has analysed user behaviour, in-screen data and responses from Brand Impact Studies. Initial findings show a significant uplift in observation rate in 94% of the cases where Widespace Brandview is used. While viewability has a positive effect on brand metrics, it is the combination of optimisation technology and viewability that really makes the difference.

Widespace is piloting Widespace Brandview in selected markets from July 2015, with a broader rollout planned later in the year.

For more information, please contact:

Patrik Fagerlund, CEO at Widespace
Phone number: +46 70 417 63 13
E-mail: patrik.fagerlund@widespace.com