Revenues and transparency

Visitors are the biggest asset for a publisher. And it is important to take care of them. It’s as simple as that. A partnership with us increases both profitability for our partners and relevance for visitors. We know that this is the key to success. Here at Widespace, we give you the tools to best succeed with mobile advertising by providing renowned brands and advertisers, the best advertising formats, reach and targeting.

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Some of our partners

Some of our advertisers

Partnering with us gives you access to

Serious advertisers

We work with renowned and serious brands who want to advertise on high-quality mobile sites and apps.

Guaranteed quality

Bringing the best under one roof is an advantage for the buyer. Being a part of our network gives you control, transparency and assurance that your advertising spaces are managed in the best way possible.

Focus on user experience

We provide a wide variety of different advertising formats, functions and targeting options. We constantly work to improve the user experience and find new smart methods of interaction. That makes all the difference.

Tool for transparency and monitoring

It is fast and easy to get started with our Summit tool – the heart of our business. For maximum transparency, all ongoing and planned activities can be seen and managed in real time via a web interface. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

Service and assistance

We are flexible and provide a comprehensive solution that meets all needs from an introductory meeting, to production and follow-up of campaigns. All to achieve successful business and results.