Summit is a mobile programmatic advertising platform and marketplace that connects brands with audiences. Built on Widespace’s award-winning technology, Summit is the first programmatic platform built for driving brand engagement across mobile screens.

Summit is designed to tackle the issues of fraud and viewability on mobile, enabling brands to buy programmatic campaigns without compromising quality or impact.

A full stack solution for branding

Summit offers a single platform from which to plan, buy, serve and evaluate automated guaranteed mobile branding campaigns. With an integrated DSP, DMP, Analytics and SSP module, Summit provides all the tools required to ensure brands reach the right audience.

Buy inventory from Widespace or set up direct deals with publishers in the marketplace, all through one single entry point. Create your ad using our AdBuilder, let our state of the art Brand Algorithm optimize the campaign, and follow results in real-time. With Summit, creating brand engagement has never been easier.

Creative ad formats

Summit is native to mobile, and its ad formats are built with brand marketers in mind.

Widespace offers engaging, rich media, high impact formats that take advantage of mobile’s built in features and capabilities. No matter whether it’s display or video, when done right every ad format should work as a platform for storytelling. These types of ads engage the audience and drive view time, interaction and brand engagement – all of which can be measured via Summit.

True Brand Optimisation

Summit uses the Widespace Brand Algorithm to identify users who are most likely to find your ad’s message relevant. The algorithm recommends an audience by identifying ‘ad interest twins’ – individuals that share relevant attributes with users that have already displayed interest in the ad.

High relevance doesn’t only drive brand engagement; it’s also pivotal for ad recall. Our studies show that seeing an interesting ad just once drives the same recall rates as seeing a less interesting ad 7-10 times. So stop wasting impressions, and let Summit drive higher ROI.


True unique user identification across mobile environments

Few DSPs have what it takes to identify and track unique users as they transition between different mobile environments, such as in-app and mobile web.

Traditionally the absence of a shared identification standard has made it tough to identify unique users, limiting the opportunity for attribution tracking, and leading to low matching rates when applying audience data to mobile programmatic buys.

Widespace’s proprietary True Unique technology makes use of deterministic and probabilistic methods to bridge the gaps between mobile environments and merge the different device identifiers. The matched device identifiers are then harnessed for frequency capping, and to ensure maximum reach within the desired campaign criteria – regardless of whether the user is using iOS or Android.

Reach, quality and brand safety

Quality and fraud are common headaches associated with programmatic buying. Summit, however, guarantees vetted publishers and a market-leading fraud detection service – regardless of whether the Summit DSP is being used, or another DSP connected directly to the Widespace SSP. Widespace works with some of the world’s biggest publishers, providing access to 360 million unique users across 24 markets. All our publishers are directly integrated, either via javascipt tags or native SDKs, allowing Widespace to track viewability and filter out fraudulent traffic.