The glue between brands and consumers across Europe

Our offering is unique. Our technology for mobile advertising serves as the glue between brands and consumers across Europe. We believe that communication does not work until the experience is right. That is why we have developed technology that finds the right audience at the right time and right place, to match ads with these specific target groups. The result is relevant campaigns with high accuracy.

Engaging ad formats
delivering ”WOW”

The relationship between brands and consumers is only strengthened if the message moves and engages. With smart functions and advertising formats that take advantage of the opportunities of mobile phones, we improve the experience for the user. With over one billion ads per month delivered, we know what we are doing. We strive to always be on the cutting edge with our advertising formats and features so we can create impact giving the greatest mobile experiences for the users. We know that success is to treat the audience. Spam we leave for others.

Highest reach in premium

We work exclusively with quality publishers across Europe reaching millions of smartphone users via the best and most popular mobile sites and apps. News, sports, health, weather, music, games, music and more – our partnership with publishers and media owners ensures the greatest reach in quality placements. We deliver hyper-local advertising on the block to international and national level campaigns. In other words – we provide the opportunity to reach a very broad audience, in the right context and in a very specific manner.

Unique datadriven targeting

We reach millions of people every day. But the most important thing is of course that we actually reach the right recipient at the right time and right place. Our driving force is to strengthen brands and we have developed intelligent technology that targets ads more efficiently based on criteria such as demographics, times, days, placement, operating system and even the weather. This gives control over which audience ads actually reach. Relevance is key to achieving results. It\’s as simple as that.

Technology for bigger experiences

Our advanced technology displays our ads where they are most likely to have the biggest effect. Our algorithm pushes ads where they get the most attention and the most interaction, and it is recalculated every second to automatically maximise reach. This means that the ads reach the right recipients. All the time. We constantly continue to drive technological progress, because we know that this is a key to creating value for publishers and advertisers.


We take advantage of the opportunities of smart mobile phones and tablets that provide big experiences on small screens. For example, our advertising formats provide images, sound, speech, video and use the mobile phone’s functions such as the calendar, GPS and coupon management via Passbook. The opportunities are just about limitless. Only your imagination sets boundaries, not our technology.

Read about our new format StreamView.

  • AdTarget
  • Geo/Location
  • Target group
  • Weather
  • Operating system/phone
  • Time
  • Behaviour history, Re-targeting


Our technology is based on the concept of relevance and makes it easy to reach the right target group, and measure the impact of campaigns. Our offering includes age, gender, geographic locations, time, retargeting, etc. We can sync mobile ads with TV ads and we also offer the opportunity to target based on the weather for seasonal products.


Targeting ads on the basis of geography is a commonly used and effective method, especially for driving traffic to stores and showing directions from the customer’s actual position. Perhaps a message is only relevant for a small regional target group or for people living in urban areas in Europe. With geographic targeting, it is possible to be truly local or international.

Target group

Young, old, female, male. This of course is significant for messages landing with the right recipient. We reach groups of people based on demography.


Several goods and services are dependent upon the season and/or weather specific. For example, the probability of success in selling sun holidays is greater when it is raining at home, or renting out skis is more relevant when there is snow. It simply makes a difference.

Operating system/phone

Some functions are phone-specific and it is therefore smarter to advertise where they work. For example, if an app for download only works for iPhones, the campaign is directed at iPhone users.


The usage patter for mobile phones is different than for desktop Internet for understandable reasons. We have our mobile phones with us everywhere, all day long. Studies show that many people never leave home without their mobile phone. The time of day, week and month is naturally key for patterns of consumption and thus relevance for specific offerings. Sometimes this can involve boosting a campaign on a given date and time for a launch or a sports event, for example.

Behaviour history, Re-targeting

Sometimes there is reason to reach and cater to a specific target group with certain previous knowledge. This can involve giving a car owner a service offer or giving people looking for housing an offer from a broker.


We have no doubt about it. The mobile phone is the first screen. It follows us all day and we look at it around 150 times a day. When we are watching TV is no exception – mobile phone use increases dramatically during commercial breaks. To reach consumers where their attention is, we offer AdSync. A solution that syncs a TV ad with a mobile phone ad. The repeated message has better reach and has an effect that is around 30% better in our surveys.


We make advanced technology easy to use.
The key is our online administration tool, for both advertisers and publisher. Advertisers and media agencies can place ads and target campaigns.
Publishers and app developers can use the tool to follow their traffic and revenues in real time.


Our Ad Impact Survey enables us to get deeper answers to aspects such as the effects of observation, message and purchase intention. Mobile advertising is very effective for brand building campaigns and our Ad Impact Survey provides a clear picture of the campaign’s effect based on targets.

We deliver full service


Our own creative studio is happy to take on challenges and can produce your campaign if you wish. The studio also works together with advertising agencies to achieve highly impactful mobile advertising executions.


Our service-oriented sales force is one of the most experienced and dedicated group of people in the mobile space. We strive to be best in class at creating effective mobile campaigns with high brand impact. In other words, mobile advertising when it’s at its very best.

Campaign Management

Our service team for advertisers ensures that ads and campaigns are booked, optimized, and analysed as all good mobile campaigns should be. They deliver quality throughout the process and leave nothing to chance.


Our support team is always on hand to answer technical questions and collaborate with our publisher partners. No questions are too difficult, or dare we say, stupid – we believe the quality of the answer is what counts.

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