Zeotap partners with Widespace to bring best-in-class targeting data to large brands

Zeotap announced that it has completed its integration with Widespace enabling advertisers to access hard-to-get deterministic data from telecom operators and raw app data from other enterprise level data owners, at scale.

Data, AI and creativity – How to succeed with Mobile Marketing in 2018

Mobile has changed the way we communicate, the way we consume media and the way we purchase goods and services. No other technical device is as intimate as our phone…

Widespace Netherlands’ chosen as Dutch advertisers’ No.1 digital platform

Widespace Netherlands has been chosen as the number one digital platform as part of The Christmas Report; an annual research report from Adformatie and Ipsos.

3 Tips to Reach the Right Audience with Mobile Programmatic

Programmatic advertising builds brands. However what is not widely understood is that most programmatic technologies were designed for PCs/laptops and do not work on mobile.

Technology is needed to close time/ad spend gap

Mobile is on its way to take over as the main channel for media consumption and social interactions. The solution for both hardly-pressed publishers and advertisers is to choose mobile focused tools…

AudienceProject becomes data provider for Widespace

AudienceProject, the marketing technology company, today announces a cooperation with the mobile brand technology company Widespace. AudienceProject will supply Widespace with data enabling Widespace to offer extended reach for targeted campaigns throughout the Nordic region. The data will complement Widespace’s own data sets.

Dropping Stereotypes: How We Go Beyond Targeting

Relevant defined in the dictionary means, “bearing upon or connected with the matter in-hand”. In the world of advertising, relevance means finding out what matters most to people in order to deliver brand messages that are designed to be interesting, engaging and ultimately behavior changing. For many advertisers this is what they are striving for – a true connection between the brand and the person.

Widespace Brandview: A Super-Impression

Advertisers are increasingly asking more questions about the impact their ads receive to ensure they are in screen and seen, have the best placements and are brand safe.