What do we do?

We believe that media should be available to all people.
Because it matters.

We know that brands connect better with people if the experience is right.
That’s what we do.

The result: stronger brand advertising and increased revenues for our media partners.

How do we do it?

Mobile ad serving technology was not easy to find in 2007 when Widespace was founded, which is why Widespace started to develop its own.

Our unique algorithms move ads where they generate the most attention and drive engagement. All the time.
And in cooperation with advertising agencies, we also create the best possible conditions to make an existing campaign mobile.

Our Brand Impact Survey™, measures campaign success based on factors such as recall, interest and purchase intent, not only relying on clicks and impressions. Simply because we think it matters more.

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9 Markets, 10 Local offices, 220 Employees

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